Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Tumblr post: Poison Apples

Let's faced it: I'm addicted to Tumblr. I'm looking every single day to my Tumblr dashbord, scrooling througth posts and posting pictures myself. Mostly their are a lot of crappy reblog posts on Tumblr, but some posts or even blogs can give you inspiration. I have found such a blog laterly: Poison Apples. I came across the blog throught a reblog post on my dashboard. The post were photo's of Innocent world's new mook.

This is my favorite photo from the post. I love the classical vibe of the picture and what I can see from the dress it's really lovely. I clicked the source and ended on Poison Apples. I scrolled througth the blog and felt in love and push the follow button as quick as possible. The blog contains a lot of fashion pictures from Japanese but also Western fashion(magazines). Most of the pictures are a bit dreamy and fairytale like or have a vintage feeling like this one.

The mix between Japanese and Western fashion is lovely. I hope I can find more of this kind of blogs in the future. If one of my readers know such a blog please let me know!

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