Friday, 27 June 2014

LBC: Hot weather lolita coordinates

I like to participate now and then in the Lolita Blog Carnival (LBC). The LBC is a group on Facebook with the goal to unite the lolita bloggers around the world. Every week the moderators of the group are intoroducing a new topic. It's free to participate for the members of the group. I don't feel always the urge to particpate, but sometimes a topic pops up which I like. This weeks topic is hot weather lolita coordinates. When I read the topic I had immadly some inspiration for coordinates. I don't like to wear lolita during hot days, but their are always a lot of meetings during the summer which I like to attend. In this way I came up with some not too hot coordinates during the years. I always follow some 'golden rules' during the summer. Those rules works pretty good for me. I always wear anckle socks, never wear a blouse, bus instead use a cardigan and use dresses of not too thick fabric in my coordinates. I'm also very found of light colorschemes during the summermonths, althought dark colors can be pretty too. I coordinate two light colored dresses and one dark colored dress for hot weather. I hope you will enjoy my coordinates!

The dress in this coordinates gives me a spring / summer feeling due to the color and print. I did my hair in an updo style to give my neck and back some air. The cardigan can be take off if it's too hot, but also protects my skin against sunburning. I use white anckle socks instead of the normal socks or tights. The parsol gives me shadow too cool down were every I am.I think this is my most ideal coordinate for hot weather! Coordinate run-down:
Hairclips: H&M
Cardigan: H&M
Dress: Pettit Angel (Dutch indie brand)
Parasol: Claire's
Socks: H&M
Shoes: Taobao

This coordinate is very simple, but still cute and elegant. I didn't use any blouse or cardigan, but instead go ride with bare shoulders (I'm sorry lolita gods!). The white color is very light, but I coordinate it with some color accents. Again I use the white anckle socks and did an updo hairstyle. No parosol this time since in my opinion this is a very casual lolita look.Coordinate run-down:
Hairthingie: Etsy Shop Cute Lou Couture
Dress: Innocent World
Necklace: Etsy Shop Cute Lou Couture
Socks: H&M
Shoes: Taobao

The third and last coordinate is a dark one. I use a cardigan, but with short sleeves and a cute-out partern. I use again the anckle socks, but this time in black. They're not visible in the photo, because that picture turned out not to be the best one.  I think this coordinate is not for + 30 celsius days, but can uses on any other hot weather.Coodinate run-down:
Hairbow: Primark
Cardigan: Primark
Dress: Mille Fleurs
Socks (not visible): Ebay
Shoes (not visible): Taobao

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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Tumblr post: Poison Apples

Let's faced it: I'm addicted to Tumblr. I'm looking every single day to my Tumblr dashbord, scrooling througth posts and posting pictures myself. Mostly their are a lot of crappy reblog posts on Tumblr, but some posts or even blogs can give you inspiration. I have found such a blog laterly: Poison Apples. I came across the blog throught a reblog post on my dashboard. The post were photo's of Innocent world's new mook.

This is my favorite photo from the post. I love the classical vibe of the picture and what I can see from the dress it's really lovely. I clicked the source and ended on Poison Apples. I scrolled througth the blog and felt in love and push the follow button as quick as possible. The blog contains a lot of fashion pictures from Japanese but also Western fashion(magazines). Most of the pictures are a bit dreamy and fairytale like or have a vintage feeling like this one.

The mix between Japanese and Western fashion is lovely. I hope I can find more of this kind of blogs in the future. If one of my readers know such a blog please let me know!

Monday, 2 June 2014

Cooking: popin' cookin' candy sushi DIY kit

Yesterday I have tried a popin' cookin' DIY candy kit. Those kits are coming from Japan and are used to make your own candy or cookies with a minimal of ingredients. You only need some water and the powders from the kit. I allready new of the kits before I ever saw one with my own eyes. I follow PaperPastels on youtube and she posts sometime movies about the kits. I liked the idea and wanted to try one myself, but they're very hard to find here in the Netherlands. This week I was lucky enough to find some of the kits in one of my favorite Japanese shops in Amsterdam: Roppongi! I actually went only to the shop for a birthday gift for one of my friends, but came home with way more stuff ^.^

The Roppongi haul: three boxes of Pocky, little containers for my bento box and off course the Poppin' Cookin' kit.  

They sell diffrent kind of kits. I chose the one to make candy sushi.I think the design of the box is typical Japanese with all the colors and screaming text and cute figures. The bag inside the box had the same typical Japanese design:

And the bag contained: the diffrent powders, a little plastic spoon, a little plastic bottle, a plastic mold and some liquorice (the 'seeweed').

I'm always very happy that Japanese stuff contains always a lot of pictures. I can not read nor understand Japanese, so the pictures on the back of the box were very handy! I started making all the pieces for the candy step by step and this was the result in the end:

 Now it was the time to put all the piece together for some sushi! According to the pictures on the box I needed to make four diffrent kind of sushi, but I didn't notice the fourth one on the package, so I ended up making three sushi's. It was quite easy to make the sushi, althought I had a little fight with the 'seeweed'. It's like making real Sushi. I always have a fight with seeweed, so it was common for me.
And here is the result in the end: a maki, a egg nigiri and a tuna nigiri.

 And the taste? Well it's very sweet and stickey, but I kind of like it. It taste a bit like winegums. I think about buying the other kids too. It was fun to make and eat, so I will give it a try again!


A fresh new start

Some you may have notice it, but I changed the lay out of my blog a bit and cleaned all the old blogposts. I want to make a fresh new start with this blog. I haven´t been blogging a very long time. I like blogging, but I had no inspiration for new blogposts in the old concept. Only blogging about lolita and other Japanese fashion styles become a bit boring since I only wear lolita to meetings. I decided te clean-up my blog and make a new start. Hopefully I will write more often blogpostst. But what is my plan with this blog? Well... I want to write also about other stuff besides lolita. I'm planning on writing more about cooking, since that is also one of my pasions. I also like to write blogpostst about vintage tea stuff for my new Etsy shop All about tea. I wanted such a shop for a long time, but never had the guts to start. The shop is still in progress, but I hope it will work within the end of summer. Off course I will also write about my lolita life and make Tumblr inspiration posts (I'm still addicted to Tumblr). My first post will not be about lolita, but about cooking (well cooking is a big word for this, but I don't know how to call it otherwise XD). The picture gives already a clue.
I hope you will like my new blog!