Monday, 2 June 2014

Cooking: popin' cookin' candy sushi DIY kit

Yesterday I have tried a popin' cookin' DIY candy kit. Those kits are coming from Japan and are used to make your own candy or cookies with a minimal of ingredients. You only need some water and the powders from the kit. I allready new of the kits before I ever saw one with my own eyes. I follow PaperPastels on youtube and she posts sometime movies about the kits. I liked the idea and wanted to try one myself, but they're very hard to find here in the Netherlands. This week I was lucky enough to find some of the kits in one of my favorite Japanese shops in Amsterdam: Roppongi! I actually went only to the shop for a birthday gift for one of my friends, but came home with way more stuff ^.^

The Roppongi haul: three boxes of Pocky, little containers for my bento box and off course the Poppin' Cookin' kit.  

They sell diffrent kind of kits. I chose the one to make candy sushi.I think the design of the box is typical Japanese with all the colors and screaming text and cute figures. The bag inside the box had the same typical Japanese design:

And the bag contained: the diffrent powders, a little plastic spoon, a little plastic bottle, a plastic mold and some liquorice (the 'seeweed').

I'm always very happy that Japanese stuff contains always a lot of pictures. I can not read nor understand Japanese, so the pictures on the back of the box were very handy! I started making all the pieces for the candy step by step and this was the result in the end:

 Now it was the time to put all the piece together for some sushi! According to the pictures on the box I needed to make four diffrent kind of sushi, but I didn't notice the fourth one on the package, so I ended up making three sushi's. It was quite easy to make the sushi, althought I had a little fight with the 'seeweed'. It's like making real Sushi. I always have a fight with seeweed, so it was common for me.
And here is the result in the end: a maki, a egg nigiri and a tuna nigiri.

 And the taste? Well it's very sweet and stickey, but I kind of like it. It taste a bit like winegums. I think about buying the other kids too. It was fun to make and eat, so I will give it a try again!


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  1. <3 Yaay~ It looks like you had a lot of fun!! (in the store as well as at home! ;)) And thank you for the gift!! I actually waited with opening the panda pocky because it looked way too cute to open the package =3 But they were delicious~!!! C=