Monday, 6 October 2014

Event: 5 years celebration of Summer Tales Boutique

Summer Tales Boutique (former Fly Away Fashion) is a Dutch lolita indiebrand and shop. Their website is over here.The owner Katie also organize some teaparties every year. This year was a very special edition of her teaparty, because she celebrated 5 years of Summer Tales Boutique! This event was bigger than normally. It was also not in the shop, but at an other location in Utrecht.
In the morning I catch the train with some other lolita´s from my city. It was fun to travel with others. After meeting with other girls at the station of Utrecht we were hadding to the location. It was a short walk. We were welcoming with a delicious cupcake, which we eat during the waiting for the start of the fashion show. The show was quit small, but gave a good impresion of the new designs from the shop. Their was also a dress from Innocent World, because the shop sells that brand starting this season! I was happy to hear that. After the fashion show their was some time to talk and take a look inside the pop-up store. Their were diffrent tickets for the event: a normal ticket, a lucky pack ticket and a diner ticket. I chose the lucky pack ticket. I didn't buy anything in the pop-up store, but I got my lucky pack. I got a classic one and this was inside:

Dido gave the alpacasso immedly a name: Olaf (no not the one from Frozen as everyone thought). I was quit happy with my Lucky Pack. The main part of the teaparty was to start: food! First came the sweet snack, like macarons and cake. I ate some, but I'm not really a sweets person. Luckly for me after the sweet part, their was also some more sauvry food. During the food part of the teaparty was also oppurtinity to take a look to the history of the shop. In the room was also a corner with drawings of a future design with colorway options. Katie would like to know what we thought about is. Their was a box for leaving a note about your thought of the designes. I liked the designs although I had some ideas about the colour ways  I missed the more darker, classic ones. In my opinion the design was perfect for such colours. Their was also time to take photoes of our outfits. The sweet Rosalynn from the blog Lolita Wonderland was the photographer of the event. She took some nice pictures of my outfit!

I was wearing my Mille Fleurs JSK and Innocent World Purse. The necklace is from Summer Tales Boutique and the flowercrown in my hair is from Cute Lou. The rest of my co-ord is off brand. The teme of the party was magic, but since I couldn't come with a decant outfit to fit the time I decied to wear the JSK I like the most.
At the end of the teaparty was a Bingo and outfit contest. The girls who take part in the contest had took a lot of effort in their outfits. The inpiration was various from Harry Potter to the Brothers Grimm fairytales. The bingo was a name bingo. To full fill your card you need to ask other peoples names. It's a good way to learn other people. I liked the idea, althougt I didn't win anything. The day was really nice, but I was tired when I finally got home in the evening.

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  1. Mooie jurk!

    Maar klopt het dat je niet meer blogt?

    Ik volg je via Bloglovin en wou een aantal oude posts van je lezen maar deze bestaan niet meer. Dus ik wou controleren of je misschien een nieuw blog hebt en een aantal posts daarnaartoe hebt verhuisd?