Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Cooking: Japanese curry with beef and beer

In my neihgboorhood is a nice and very big Asian supermarket. I love to spend hours in the shop looking to all the strange and not so strange, but still weird products. The other day I came across the Japanese curry section in the shop. I know the variant from India, but never tried the one from Japan. I hadn´t any idea of the taste and how to make a proper meal of it. The problem was solved when I came across this video on Youtube from Ochikeron. I give the recepie a shot today and tried it!

I used a bit different ingredients than the orginal recepie. I couldn´t find the specific mushrooms so I used the normal brown ones. I also couldn´t find the good beer. Instead of the Japanese beer I used Dutch beer (Heineken).
All the ingredients I needed: mushrooms, beef, edame beans, onions, beer and the Japanese curry, in my case Golden Curry.

First I started to chop all the mushrooms and onions. Afther that I decied to do the recepie a bit different: I cooked the edame beans first and pop them out of their shield.After that I follow the first step of the orginal recepie: baking the onions! When the onions were getting brown I added the mushrooms and the beef. I baked those till they were also brown and added some water and the beer. I cooked those ingredients for about 7 minutes.

Before adding the block of curry I removed the foam. I waited till the curry was melted and added also the allready prepared edame beans. I cooked the whole mix for another 5 minutes. In the mean time I prepared the rice, added all the pieces together and tada I had my meal!
I loved the taste of the curry and I liked how it turned out. The only was that in mine opinion this is more a winter meal, instead of a light summer meal. This is a firm meal, so not very sutable for the hot summer.

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